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Owners Representation

E+E Architecture offers Owners Representation services.  So what is it and why would you want the service???

The most simple goal of our service is to deliver a high quality project and allow you to focus on your daily task.  We can help owners from project conception through construction.  We offer programming so facilities can quantify how much space is needed, how to achieve efficiencies and envision the building that is best for your organization.

Once the project moves beyond planning, we write Requests For Proposals for the Design Team and General Contractors, review drawings to ensure the Owners Objectives are kept in the fore front and make sure the project is on track with regard schedule and budget.   We help facilitate building permits and get the shovel in the ground.

Once construction has started, an Owner’s Representative attends meetings, manages the Design Team and Contractor to make sure the contract documents are being followed and the project is on track.  The benefit to this service is that it taps into our expertise of Architects and Facility Managers and helps keep the project running smoothly and the Owners can keep focusing on their day-to-day job.   The project control is still held by the Owner, but this service allows them to stay above the ordinary project fray.

We’ve also found that errors are caught earlier and both the design team and construction team are held accountable, often saving the Owner time and money.

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